Sandy Hook - Judge seals police records for 90 days

Sandy Hook - Judge seals police records for 90 days

A state Superior Court judge said Thursday that search warrant affidavits for the cars and home of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter Adam Lanza and his mother would stay sealed for another 90 days.

The judge's order also covers the two other search warrants, for the 2010 Honda Civic Adam Lanza drove to the school and for Nancy Lanza's 2009 silver BMW, which was parked in the garage attached to the home.

"The court finds that due to the nature and circumstances of this case and the ongoing investigation, the state's interest in continuing nondisclosure substantially outweighs any right to public disclosure at this time," Blawie wrote.

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One Response to “Sandy Hook - Judge seals police records for 90 days”

  1. Ongoing investigation?The perp supposedly killed himself.I thought they only did these kinds of things if they where trying to find a suspect or am i wrong.The families have already been all over TV telling their stories and supposed witness accounts to the media.What still needs to be investigated that the public doesn't know.Maybe the truth?


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